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 Sublime Subliminal 

"Each of the poems in Sublime Subliminal is at once partly amusing, partly ironic, partly musical, and partly a deep reflection on the current state of the world. "


-Risa Denenberg

Curator at The Poetry Cafe

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Patriarchy Blues

"Priest juxtaposes safety with risk, fluidity with stability, and the stinging pink of a slapped cheek with someone who’s feeling blue...Pungent observations and skillful use of language abound in Patriarchy Blues.” 


-The Book Monger, Barbara Lloyd McMichael  Link to full review


"She brings an unapologetic acumen to some of our most ingrained cultural situations. Her poems, which are not always comfortable, are set against a lyrical, accessible backdrop, and the result is a provocative contemporary critique that will reframe perceptions and the way we see the world."


-Jenni Herrick, Shepherd Express

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