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I Sing the Salmon Home
Poems from Washington State

"At long last salmon—the soul of the Pacific Northwest—have been given words to match the ongoing miracle of their existence. With this anthology, some of the better poets from our corner of the world show us dimensions of life, legacy, and culture that we might otherwise overlook in our rushed tumble through the years. It's a book to grow old with—and a book to share with those just learning the power of verse to change hearts and minds."

—Timothy Egan, Author of The Good Rain

The Larger Voice: Celebrating the Work of Native Arts and Cultures Foundation Literature Fellows

"The Larger Voice: Celebrating the Work of Native Arts and Cultures Foundation Literature Fellows is an essential reading guide to some of the most contemporary Native literature. Consider this anthology as a place where many of our best Native speakers stand together to give us what is as essential as water: stories, prose, and poetry that will incite inspiration, community, and growth, because in this profoundly changing world, we need their words." 

― Joy Harjo, NACF Board Chair & U.S. Poet Laureate

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Northwest Know-how:


Entertaining, educational and highly giftable, Northwest Know-How: Beaches showcases the majestic, quirky, and unique beaches of the Washington and Oregon coastline through facts, history, legend, and lovely illustrations.

Sublime Subliminal

"Each of the poems in Sublime Subliminal is at once partly amusing, partly ironic, partly musical, and partly a deep reflection on the current state of the world. "


-Risa Denenberg, Curator at The Poetry Cafe

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Patriarchy Blues

"She brings an unapologetic acumen to some of our most ingrained cultural situations. Her poems, which are not always comfortable, are set against a lyrical, accessible backdrop, and the result is a provocative contemporary critique that will reframe perceptions and the way we see the world."


-Jenni Herrick, Shepherd Express

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